Vietnam aims at rewilding

On March 13th to 17th, 2023, CBES attended a series of Workshop on species conservation within the framework of the Project on Sustainable Forest Management and Biodiversity Conservation (VFBC) - Component of biodiversity conservation.

In order to establish the foundation for a wildlife conservation plan during the 2023-2035 period, a series of expert workshops on species conservation is being organized from March 13 to March 17, 2023.

The workshop attracted nearly 100 delegates from the Vietnam Administration of Forestry (MARD); Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; The management Board for Forestry Projects; CPMU; PPMU; USAID; WWF Vietnam, Forest Management Boards where the VFBC Project is implemented; universities; organizations; national and international species conservation experts.

In five working days of the workshop, the participants shared and discussed very enthusiastically on three main topics, including (1) Developing a species conservation plan (2) Re-stocking concepts and practices, relocate and re-wild; (3) Develop a re-release plan.

Rewilding is an important approach for restoring and protecting biodiversity in Vietnam, enhancing ecosystem functions and services, and promoting sustainable development. Rewilding is an approach that restores natural ecosystems, and can involve reintroducing native species, and protecting ecological processes.

For Vietnam, these are relatively new concepts. However, CBES believes that re-wilding can become a trend and bring positive effects to species conservation in Vietnam in the future.