Southern Yellow-cheeked Gibbon
Southern yellow-cheeked gibbon is one of six gibbon species distributed in Vietnam, on the list of nine critically endangered primate species with CR level in the Vietnam Red Book and EN level according to IUCN.
Shape characteristics

Male gibbon: Black body, large pale yellow or brown hairs on the cheeks, spreading outward like a fan. These white feathers have a rounded top and only reach about ½ of the earlobes. Chest feathers light brown.

Female gibbons: Dark yellow or orange-yellow back and arms, triangular black hairs on top of head, pale yellow face rarely white; belly without black patches; The hairs on the cheeks stick out to the sides like a fan spread.


Vietnam: In the South Central region, Central Highlands, Nam Cat Tien area, Southern region.

World: Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam.

The largest population is located in the Seima Biodiversity Reserve in Cambodia with about 2500 individuals.

This species is currently critically endangered due to hunting and loss of habitat.

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