The selection of an appropriate flagship species involves careful considerations of both ecological and social science factors. CBES’s team, consisting of multidisciplinary experts, is actively engaged in the identification of additional flagship species to serve as ambassadors for nature conservation in Vietnam


Ecology, with its emphasis on the relationships between organisms and their environment, plays a vital role in conservation. The CBES team is dedicated to incorporating the latest ecological advancements into their efforts to protect the diverse fauna, flora, and ecosystems in Vietnam and globally.

By staying updated with scientific discoveries, CBES strives to ensure effective and informed conservation practices for the benefit of nature and future generations.

Community-based Conservation

The accomplishment of conservation goals necessitates collaborative efforts with the local community. The CBES team strives to enhance community participation in conservation endeavors. We actively engage with grassroots-level community members to create and implement conservation strategies that effectively balance human requirements with nature conservation principles

Biodiversity for Sustainable Development


CBES aligns with the United Nations’ vision of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs), with a particular focus on Goal 14: Life below water and Goal 15: Life on land. We firmly believe that biodiversity, whether on land or in the underwater realm, is a vital aspect of sustainable development. Our efforts consistently aim to evaluate the significance of biodiversity in development processes, striving to strike a balance between human needs and the conservation of nature.

Multidisciplinary Approach

As a research center, CBES places a strong emphasis on employing multidisciplinary approaches in our studies. The CBES team consists of individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, and we maintain a wide network of collaborators in the fields of ecology, biology, social sciences, statistics, and economics. This allows CBES to effectively pursue a multidisciplinary approach in our work, harnessing the collective knowledge and skills to address complex conservation challenges.

Innovation & Technology

CBES holds a strong appreciation for innovative solutions and technologies in addressing conservation challenges. We firmly believe that technological advancements can play a significant role in achieving sustainable development and fostering harmonious coexistence with nature. The CBES team is committed to actively contributing to and utilizing new technologies in our ecological studies whenever feasible, aiming to leverage their potential for enhancing conservation efforts.