“Echoes of the Dolphins” Mobile exhibition in Vietnam

On September 27-28-29, the mobile exhibition "Echoes of the Dolphins" took place in an extremely vibrant and exciting atmosphere. With the goal of bringing scientific knowledge closer to society and raising community awareness, the exhibition has successfully attracted many visitors and participated in activities.

Whale worshipping culture in Vietnam

The Can Gio Mangrove Biosphere Reserve, located in the coastal district southeast of Ho Chi Minh City, plays a crucial role in advancing environmental protection across a diverse range of habitats, spanning from coastal areas to the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City, the largest industrial city in Vietnam. Can Gio is also well-known for its significant whale-worshipping culture, particularly among the fishermen who consider marine mammals as guardian spirits of the sea. This cultural connection is exemplified by the presence of a whale temple in the area, and the project actively engages with local communities to ensure the conservation of this marine heritage. This unique context underscores the significance of the project in the region.

Highlights of our exhibition

Our mobile exhibition aimed to raise awareness about marine megafauna and the threats they face in the waters of Can Gio. We had a decorated truck loaded with mini games, specimens, marine megafauna photosand educational posters to set up at Whale Festival in the Can Gio area. Each interactive game served as a learning station to help visitors gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Our interactive activities successfully drew in local communities, with a particular focus on engaging local students in learning about marine megafauna and environmental issues in marine ecosystems. By taking learning outside of the traditional classroom setting, we aimed to stimulate students’ curiosity, providing them with an engaging and memorable way to absorb and retain important information.

We also targeted local fishermen and visitors to the Whale Festival in Ho Chi Minh City and Can Gio to instill a deep sense of pride in the local culture and natural heritage, inspiring a collective commitment to safeguard marine species and preserve the ocean. 

Our impacts

We collected nearly 300 notes from visitors sharing their thoughts and opinions after the exhibition.

“Thank you for creating an exhibition that combines environmental conservation for marine species with local cultural elements. I hope that this activity will expand further in the future” – One of the visitor sharing her thought after the exhibition.

CBES would like to express our greatest gratitude for the Chevening Alumni Program Fund, UK Embassy in Vietnam, Can Gio Department of Culture and Information, Center for Culture, Sport and Communication of Can Gio District for supporting us in this project. CBES team would also like to thank Ms. Mai Thu Ha – Manager of the Chevening scholarship programme in Vietnam – for taking time to visit the mobile exhibition “Echoes of the Dolphins”. The Chevening scholarship programme has always been an important partner of Vietnamese youth in marine conservation and environmental protection.

Bring the ocean closer to society

We firmly believe that investing in the future generation is a crucial strategy for ensuring the long-term preservation of our oceans. Our project is driven by the belief that by educating and inspiring young minds, we can cultivate a lasting commitment to marine conservation. Our hope is that the students who visit our exhibition will discover a newfound passion for exploring career opportunities in the field of marine conservation.

Support us to create a ripple effect that extends far into the future, with young individuals becoming the stewards and advocates for the health and sustainability of our marine ecosystems.