CBES Collaboration Highlight: Whale Research in the Philippines

In February and May, CBES representatives Mr. Vu Long and Ms. Truong Anh Tho embarked on a meaningful collaboration with the BALYENA organization in the Philippines for a humpback whale research project. This joint effort not only allowed for valuable contributions to conservation but also facilitated important partnerships in marine mammal preservation.


The project focused on monitoring the humpback whale population in the Camiguin Islands, utilizing methods like photo-identification and passive acoustic monitoring. The aim was to understand migration patterns, estimate population size, and explore relationships between humpback populations.


CBES team members assisted in tracking cetaceans, gathering data, and documenting whale songs. Despite weather challenges, they persevered, spending hours at sea to observe these magnificent creatures. During unfavorable conditions, they engaged in environmental outreach, educating local students on ocean conservation through interactive sessions.


The expedition yielded numerous encounters with humpback whales and other marine mammals, including a successful rescue mission for a stranded Dwarf sperm whale. Upon returning, the team was greeted by playful dolphin pods, reaffirming the beauty of our oceans.

The collaboration with BALYENA.ORG provided CBES with invaluable insights and experiences, strengthening our commitment to marine mammal conservation. Armed with this knowledge, we are better equipped to protect marine biodiversity and promote environmental sustainability.

Together, let us continue to safeguard our oceans and the remarkable creatures within them.