Advanced training program on biodiversity monitoring

Biodiversity monitoring

CBES supports WWF-Vietnam in developing and organizing biodiversity conservation and monitoring training as part of the project “Restoring and managing water resources for the Red River, Tien River, and Dong Nai River basins,” funded by Heineken Vietnam Brewery Limited Company.

“Echoes of the Dolphins” Mobile exhibition in Vietnam

On September 27-28-29, the mobile exhibition “Echoes of the Dolphins” took place in an extremely vibrant and exciting atmosphere. With the goal of bringing scientific knowledge closer to society and raising community awareness, the exhibition has successfully attracted many visitors and participated in activities.

CBES at UK Festival 2023

​​On September 16th, CBES had the honour of partnering with the Chevening Alumni Programme Fund at the United Kingdom Festival.

Vietnam aims at rewilding

On March 13th to 17th, 2023, CBES attended a series of Workshop on species conservation within the framework of the Project on Sustainable Forest Management and Biodiversity Conservation (VFBC) – Component of biodiversity conservation.

The 8th Asian Primate Symposium

The largest Primate Symposium in Asia, hosted by Vietnam National University of Forestry and organized in cooperation with ‘Three Monkeys Wildlife Conservancy’, will take place from November 13 to 16, 2022 in Hanoi

Scientific Photography Masterclass technic Maury 2022 Laos

Scientific Photography Masterclass technic MAURY 2022 LAOS is a training course in high resolution photography of animal and plant for professionals and enthusiasts, which was held from September 19 to September 25, 2022 at Namkat Yorla Pa Resort, Odoumxai Province, Laos, funded by Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD), Ministère de l’Europe et des organizations, Affaires étrangères (MEAE), One Health in Practice in Southeast Asia (OHSEA project).

Scientific conference “Legal and practical issues in preventing and combating illegal wildlife trade and transportation on the sea route from Africa to Vietnam”.

Vietnam is currently considered a transit point – a hotspot for wildlife trade. Illegal trading activities are conducted more and more sophisticatedly, disguised, and transported by many routes. Typically, there are cases of illegal wildlife trade and transportation on sea routes from African countries, especially from Central African countries to Vietnam.