About Us

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Center for Biodiversity Conservation and Endangered Species (CBES) is established under the Vietnam Union of Sciences and Technologies Associations (VUSTA) in 17th September 2018. It was later registered at Ministry of Sciences Technology and Environment on 14th October 2018.

The center is formed by an assembly of experienced researchers and conservationists who have devoted their careers for the protection of Vietnamese natures. It consists specialized units that aim to address distinguished issues in regarding marine, fauna, floral and social conservation.

Heads of each unit are innovative, experienced, influenced and well-connected professionals in their assigned fields, where they can mobilize critical researches and movements that create long-lasting impacts on biodiversity conservation. All four unit are functioning as a single think-tanks, capable of solving complex conservation issues which require multidisciplinary approaches.

The transparent and accountable administration of CBES' management council will ensure the center operates in the most professional and innovative manners.


Center for Biodiversity Conservation and Endangered Species (CBES) envision a future where biodiversity, especially endangered fauna and flora in Vietnam, are shielded under science-based policies, evidenced-driven activities and the loves and concerns of public.


• Provide scientific evidences to develop management policies and conservation actions for biodiversity in Vietnam

• Scientifically and strategically promote endangered species as flagships for biodiversity and environment protections in Vietnam

• Develop innovative approaches for biodiversity conservation and environmental protection.